rhinoflex duckbill check valves

A Global leader in the manufacture of duckbill check valves for storm water and many other non-return applications.

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Innovative Design and Engineering

Rhinoflex duckbill check valves can be designed and engineered, and custom built to suit any application. This makes it a worthy solution to consider duckbills for applications where other valves will rust, wear and malfunction. With long reliable, repeatable performance, these valves do not require any outside source of power to operate.

Flanged duckbill check valve

The Rhinoflex Duckbill check valve range is extremely popular in the prevention of back flow, for waste water treatment, storm water, water storage and distribution, and all pumping systems, and Effluent Outfalls.

SlipOn Duckbill check valves

For many years, the use of conventional flap gate valves have known to have malfunctioned and failed , causing high repair costs with extreme consequences. The use of a Duckbill check valve, is being considered more and more as a worthy and trouble free solution to back flow prevention.

Rhinoflex Duckbill Check Valves

The Rhinoflex Duckbill Check Valves is a one piece, one way, non-return check valve, manufactured fully with a rubber/polyester construction. There are no mechanical parts, seats or seals, springs or flaps and hinges that will break, warp, corrode or freeze and prevent consistent valve operation. This construction makes the Rhinoflex Duckbill Check valves virtually maintenance free, and guarantees reliable, repeatable, trouble-free service for many years. All standard domestic and international drilling patterns, as well as custom made sizes and flanges are available.

The Rhinoflex Duckbill Check Valves comes with 304 or 316 stainless steel backing rings or clamps, for mounting on headwalls tanks and on mating pipe flanges, and to slip on outside the diameter of the pipe. No additional energy source is required, as these valves use the line pressure to open and their design and construction along with back pressure to close. These are normally closed but will open with minimum line/head pressure, always providing maximum flow with minimum pressure drop across the valve.

The Rhinoflex Duckbill Check Valves will close and seal completely around solids, making it ideal for mining slurries, fly ash, raw sewage, sludge, lime, along with suspended solids in waste water and storm water, vapors, air and gas.

Typical Applications

  • Storm water outfall
  • Sewer interceptor check valve
  • Flood control systems
  • CSO/SSO Effluent discharge
  • Pumping stations, Wet wells
  • Submerged outfall Diffuser nozzles
  • Air and gas diffusers in mixing tanks

Available Elastomers

  • Neoprene
  • Epdm
  • Pure Gum Nubber
  • Csm
  • Nbr
  • Ciir